March 29, 2017

Message from the Director

RevWinstonWorrell200Welcome to the World Methodist Evangelism Institute (WMEI), where for nearly 35 years we have been Training, Connecting and Providing opportunities for worldwide Methodist and Wesleyan clergy and lay leaders in evangelism ministries.  Grounded in the Christian faith and shaped by the Wesleyan tradition, WMEI is a ministry of World Evangelism of the World Methodist Council and Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Raised up by God in 1982, WMEI’s core mission has always been the Training of Christian leaders in evangelism.  We organize evangelism training seminars around the world which provide an arena for learning, sharing, reflecting, and studying the theory and practice of evangelism in an environment of mutual respect.  Lives have been transformed, ministries have grown, dynamic leadership have been raised up, congregations, and millions touched for the Kingdom of God.

A second area of our core mission is Connecting world leaders.  We bring together Methodist and Wesleyan leaders from around world to share and discuss new, culturally-applicable methodologies of evangelism.  Additionally, clergy and lay leaders meet world Bishops, professors and practical theologians in a relational setting.  The  result of these seminars is that the leaders are formed and grown in important ways by key figures in the Methodist/Wesleyan movement.

The third area of our core mission is Providing cross-cultural experiences in world evangelization.  Clergy and lay leaders attend our seminars to discuss the theory and practice of evangelization in various contexts and cultures worldwide.  Ministers have the option to attend seminars for continuing education credit while seminary students can receive 3 hours of academic credit per seminar in these extraordinary learning settings.

What a privilege it is to impact the Methodist/Wesleyan movement and beyond in a very real and serious way for the Kingdom of God.  Hear and view the stories on our website, Facebook page, follow us on twitter @wmeiseminar, by inviting one of our staff to preach or teach in your conference/district, or in person at one of our regional seminars.

Please pray for our ministry and its staff.


Winston Worrell
Director, World Methodist Evangelism Institute

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