December 20, 2014

Comments of Appreciation for Rev. Dr. George Morris

Rev. Dr. George Morris

Rev. Dr. George Morris served as the Founding Director of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute from 1982 until 1993.  He also served as the Arthur J. Moore Professor of Evangelism, Candler School of Theology at Emory University.  Over his years of service, he has touched many lives.

Dr. Morris was honored at the 30th Anniversary Founders’ Dinner of WMEI on April 10th, 2012.  This Blog has been created to allow those who have been impacted by Dr. Morris to leave a personal greeting, message, or to share a story.  This collection will be assembled and presented to Dr. Morris.

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  1. Rev Brad Harris says:

    In Ulverstone Tasmania in the 1980s you spoke with many of us about the implications and consequences of wholistic evangelism. From there I took a lifelong lesson on finding a language for faith sharing in the idiom of daily life amongst the ordinary people who have offered me, over the years, friendship.
    Thank you for being an encouragement still after 40 years of ordination. I am still looking for the daily opportunity to do a better job of evangelising through friendship wherever I can engage.
    Brad and Helen Harris,
    Uniting Church,
    Robinvale, Victoria.

  2. Patrick Quinn says:

    Dr. George Morris,

    My words of appreciation will never be enough to express my profound gratitude for your impact upon my life. Your passion and enthusiasm for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for Truth and Grace, for the Church, for theological education, and for your students are just a few of the thoughts that come to my mind when I think of you. I will always remember my evangelism class at Candler because of your authenticity in presenting the love of God to people. You taught me so much about “faith-sharing.” In fact, I shall never forget the many times you instructed me that, “Faith-Sharing cannot happen without Faith-Shaping.” Evangelism never happens without Discipleship! Thank you for the blessing of being discipled by you which in turn has made me a better disciple of Jesus Christ!

    Many Blessings to you Dr. Morris!

  3. Julia D. Crim says:


    There is no way to adequately put into words how much you mean to my family and me. Your biblically grounded teaching, your faithful witness, and your unconditional encouragement of your students to be the best they can be, have impacted my ministry for almost 30 years. Your writings, your Appalachian stories, your passionate preaching, your commitment to family, and your visionary leadership in forming and building the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, are but a few of the ways your life and ministry continue to bless me. Many have come to the Lord because of your witness, George, and many of us have grown stronger in our walk with the Lord because of you!

    I am also deeply grateful for your and Barbara’s friendship over the years. You officiated at Richard and my wedding ceremony 25 years ago, you and Barbara were there when our daughter Christina was born and later baptized, and your son David was a key person in helping us start our new church in Newnan, GA 12 years ago. We have fond memories of him driving from Marietta to play the drums in our praise band. In those days when we were just starting the church and had no people and no money, what a sacrifice David made for that new congregation. His sacrificial spirit is certainly a chip off the ‘ole block. Then, you topped it all off by preaching the worship service when FaithCreek United Methodist Church chartered as a new United Methodist congregation in 2003. You and your family will always be important to that new church. Wow … at every critical and blessed point in life and in ministry, you and your family were right in the center.

    Please know what a privilege it has been, and continues to be, one of your students in ministry and friends in life. Remembering one of the many words of wisdom you gave me: “Don’t ever let anyone take from you the authority that God and God alone has given to you.” Wherever I go … whatever I’m doing … whomever I am with … I unapologetically speak Truth with the authority God gave me in telling others the Good News of Jesus Christ!

    We love you, George and Barbara!

    Julia D’Andrea Crim
    on behalf of Richard and Christina Crim

  4. Phil Strom says:

    Congratulations George Morris,

    I wish I could be there to celebrate the contributions you have made to the Kingdom. Your inspired teaching at Candler has shaped my approach to preaching and ministry for over 30 years. Your example and leadership with New Life Missions and Key Event fostered countless opportunities and practical strategies to reach people with the Good News of Christ. Your invitation to attend the Latin American Seminar in 1986 in Peru opened to me a global perspective that has allowed me to live into Wesley’s ‘the world is my parish’. One cannot estimate the lives that have found their way to Christ because of your influence among leaders in our denomination. Thanks be to God for your dedication to proclaiming the Gospel and assisting others to do so with integrity and grace. Enjoy this well deserved honor.

    Phil Strom, Candler 1977-79

  5. Faye and Ed Beck says:

    Dear George and Barbara,

    It is fast approaching 50 years since Faye and I first met you both. I even remember the conversation we had at your small Kentucky Church, inviting you to come to the Staff of the then Board of Evangelism. If you remember Harry Denman had heard about you and sent me as his envoy to request your consideration of coming to the National Staff. What a joy it was for us when you and Barbara said “YES”.

    It was my privilege to work side by side with you across the U.S. in those early years. It was Faye’s privilege to get to know Barbara and as neighbors in Nashville have our families grow up together.

    Faye and I have marveled at your world vision journey. We celebrate how God has used and blessed you in such strategic ways and impacting scenes.

    We are thankful for the many honors you have received including this one. But what we cherish most is our telling and lasting friendship. Thanks are to God!


    Faye and Ed Beck

  6. Chuck Duncan says:

    It has been my pleasure and honor to be a recipient of the wisdom and friendship of my Brother In Christ, Rev. Dr. George Morris, over the past years.

    I first met George as the father of one of my closest friends, his son David, and was immediately taken in as part of their Christian family. That relationship has matured over the years and Dr. Morris continues to give me guidance and encouragement in my walk as we share the love of Jesus with all the people we meet. I always think of George when I give a Faith-Sharing New Testament Bible to people that want to know more about Jesus.

    Thank you for your witness in everything you do.

    Your friend and Brother in Christ,
    Chuck Duncan

  7. Robert (Bob) Fraumann says:

    I met George at Asbury College, Wilmore, KY as a freshman in 1954-55. He invited me, along with Bob Carpenter, to join a gospel team and we called ourselves the “YOUTH CRUSADERS”.

    We bought a new 1955 Chevrolet and traveled for 2 years over 40,000 miles, holding over 50 revivals from New Jersey to Florida, and Michigan to New Mexico. We witnessed hundreds of conversions and baptized countless in the faith.

    That experience influenced my music ministry for over 50 years. I am grateful to George for his consistent, passionate focus in ministry, evangelism and teaching over these many years. He and his wife, Barbara, have been dear friends with my wife, Jan and me during this time.

    Thank you, George, for your unwavering faith and example of Christ’s love in my life. I consider you among my dearest friends in Christ.

    Robert (Bob) Fraumann

  8. Emory and Elise Brackman says:

    Hats Off to our good friend George Morris. You have proven to be a man of honor, an ambassador for Christ, a promoter of Evangelism all over the world.

    George, you have been a blessing to our lives and you have inspired us to be our best for our Lord.

    The best days are yet to come!

    With love,
    Emory and Elise Brackman

  9. Hal Knight says:

    Dear George,

    You have been a mentor, friend and colleague who has made a lasting difference in my life in so many ways.

    You may not remember it, but one day 20 years ago we ran into one another on the Emory University campus, and in our conversation you said to me, seemingly out of the blue, that if anyone asked if I could teach evangelism, I should say yes. I said I would, but thought at the time that would never happen. Of course it did, the very next year, and I remembered what you said. I became an evangelism professor and am now in my 19th year at Saint Paul.

    You were also the one who got me involved in the regional seminar in West Virginia, and in the Appalachian Local Pastors School, both of which were wonderful life-changing experiences.

    Of course, your writing has been very influential in my thinking and teaching to this day.

    But what I value most is our conversations over the years. Your caring for people and passion for the gospel has been an inspiration. You have modeled for me a spirituality that is biblical, focused on Christ, open to the Spirit, and concerned with both evangelism and injustice.

    I am blessed by your friendship and the world is blessed by your teaching and commitment to Christ. Thank you for it all.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Hal Knight
    Professor of Wesleyan Studies
    Saint Paul School of Theology

  10. Ted Runyon says:

    Dear George,

    You were there from the beginning, supplying the enthusiasm and persistence that was necessary to get the World Methodist Evangelism Institute started. And now you can see the fruitful results of your efforts and the impact it has made around the world.

    “Faith Sharing” remains a classic in the field of evangelism, and you can be proud of the continuing contribution it makes in the courses in evangelism taught in our United Methodist seminaries.

    Although you are now more restricted in what you can do, your voice continues to be heard, not only through your writing but through your many students who are now serving worldwide.

    God’s continued blessing,

    Ted and Cindy Runyon

  11. Rev. Patricia A. Lewis says:

    I have only words of grateful appreciation for Dr. George Morris who taught me (and the world) to reach out to those around us with the love of God through Jesus Christ. His relational evangelism has guided my ministry in so many ways. As a pastor and a district superintendent, I was able to share those principles he taught me with countless others.

    Thank you, George, for you faithful attendance to the word of God and for guiding so many others in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. May God continue to richly bless you and those around you.

    Patricia Lewis
    Asheville, North Carolina

  12. Dr. Morris,

    I was on the beginning project for World Methodist Evangelism Institute. I was a student of Dr. Morris’ classes on Evangelism, from 1979 to 1982, and was fortunate enough for him to have chosen me, with others, to help him organize the opening ceremonies and dinner for this great project. I was privledged to be the aid to such great leaders of the church as Bishop White and Rev. Charles Allen, when they came to support what Dr. Morris was doing in spreading God’s word through-out the world.

    I am honored to always have that memory to sustain me in my work for the Kingdom and Dr. Morris’ teaching to guide me in all these years. God Bless you Dr. Morris; it is a great joy to see you being honored for this work. Thank you for all you continue to give to the Kingdom.

    May God Bless You,

    Pastor Danny McDonald
    Senior Pastor
    North Bay Community Church
    3170 N. McMullen Booth Rd.
    Clearwater, Fla. 33761


  13. Dear George,

    So sorry I cannot be with you for your big celebration. Your classes and mentoring have meant the world to me over the years. You taught me so many of the small practices of ministry that in the end are so important.

    To this day, and I am heading into my 24th year of ministry and serving in only my second appointment, Faith Sharing has been at the top of the list of what I try to teach and model in life. I recieved a lot of that from you.

    I have enjoyed being part of the Order of the Flame and continue to Nominate other young clergy to attend and be part.

    I’ll never forget our class about Ministry with the rich and poor and our trip to ASP. That was my first. And all that lead me to pursue my Doctorate of Ministry with Dr James Logan in the area of Evangelism.

    And I’ll forever be grateful for your coming to the Virginia Conference for our first Stockton Academy of Evangelism and sharing the platform with Mike Slaughter that week. It was a dream come true for me.

    Many blessings be upon you and until we meet again, may God keep us in the palm of God’s hand.

    Randy Orndorff

  14. Kennon and Julie Callahan says:

    Palm Sunday, 2012

    Dear George,

    May the grace of God continue to bless you and yours.

    You are among the remarkable evangelists of this age.

    Your compassion and wisdom, your encouraging spirit, and your hope for the present and the future inspire all of us.

    Your humility and passion, your wondrous joy in the Lord, and your confidence and assurance give all of us hope for the evangelism of this time.

    God bless you on this special occasion.

    Warmly, with grace

    Kennon and Julie Callahan

  15. Rev. Dr. Ken A. Ramsey says:

    In 1984 I encountered a professor at Candler who would forever influence my life, my faith, and my ministry. Dr. George Morris, with his passion for Christ, his heart of evangelism, and his obvious love and care for his students, demonstrated that which he taught.

    After returning to West Virginia to pastor churches, I was blessed to be a part of the planning and leading of two Regional Schools of Evangelism held in the heart of Appalachia at Jackson’s Mill in Weston, WV. Folks came from throughout the region and heard some of the best teaching and preaching ever. I now serve as District Superintendent of this same area, and there are still people who recall those Regional Schools and ask about Dr. Morris. This is a small example of how much people respected and appreciated this complete commitment.

    I hope this coming event is truly a blessed one. George deserves the best. He offered the best to us all. Congratulations brother.

    In Christ,
    Ken Ramsey

  16. George,

    Ever since 1977 you have been my hero!!

    When you came to Candler as Professor of Evangelism I was in the front row in your first class. When you added a class, I was in the front row. I relished your instructions on evangelism. I soon understood you were also teaching the Theology of John Wesley!! Because of you I became friends with Alan Walker and Eddie Fox and followed them to Fiji in January of 1980 for the Mission to the 80′s. I then journeyed with you to South Korea to discover why the Korean Methodists were growing so rapidly. The common denominator in my life since has been the foundation of applied theology you constructed in me and my deepening love of Jesus Christ!! I shall always be a Charter Member of the Morris Mafia!!

    Thank you so very much. If I “go home” before you do, I will give our friend, Alan Walker a giant hug from you!

    Your student,

  17. Rev. William Christopher Thore says:

    Just over thirty years ago, as a young student at Candler, I met George Morris. It was thrilling to me that we would have a Professor of Evangelism. At that time, Evangelism was for some United Methodist Churches, a mediocre term.

    To say that I drank deeply from the spring George uncovered for us would be an understatement. To say that meeting his high academic standards was easy would be an overstatement! More than once during my three years in Atlanta, George Morris’ presence, words, example, and faith gave me encouragement to press on.

    I enjoyed learning and later participating as a Key Event Herald and a New Life Missioner. If we had more United Methodist leaders like George Morris, we would have many more United Methodist Christians in the world today!

    During the summer months of my seminary years, I worked in the Family Campground industry of Myrtle Beach, S.C. I began a small staffing endeavor to place a dozen Christian students in the campground doing chores and offering activities for the families on vacation. We shared our faith as we lived, worked, and played among the hundreds each week.

    It still makes me smile to think of George’s response as I described to him what God was up to on that beach. Today Summershine Resort Ministry Staffing places one hundred Christian students in campgrounds across the USA. (

    I write all of this to say praise the Lord Jesus, the One who has brought all this about. I also write to say again, thank you George for your example, your steadfastness, and the legacy you leave to all of us blessed to call you professor, pastor, leader, and friend. I am a better minister today because of your influence.
    Thank you George. May God continue to bless and use you.

    In Christ’s Service,
    William Christopher Thore
    Senior Pastor
    Jamestown United Methodist Church
    Jamestown, NC
    Matthew 25:21

  18. Rev. Dr. Mike Browder says:

    Dear George,

    Thank you for your vision of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute which has been a blessing to so many people as it reflects your passion to share the salvation of Jesus Christ.

    Even when you are not at the seminars, I can still hear your voice in my mind, and I remember your testimonies.

    May God bless you for all that you do for our Lord.

    Mike Browder

  19. Reverend Donald Schuler says:

    Dear George,

    I will be ever indebted to you for my experience at the Appalachia Local Pastor’s School. Your passion to teach and train second career persons to serve the church in the role of Local Pastor is unprecedented. When many in the organized church saw this movement as a threat, you were convinced that these persons could very well be the answer to church renewal. I am currently serving in my thirteenth year and owe a great deal to you for your encouragement.

    Keep on going!


    Don Schuler

  20. Rev. L. Paige Pritchard says:

    Dear George,

    You were a professor at Candler School of Theology when Joe and I joined Briarcliff UMC where you, Barbara and your children attended. It didn’t take long to see something very special in you; something that I wanted for myself. No other person has influenced me in my spiritual growth as you have through your friendship, your books and your example.

    While at Briarcliff UMC you began taking people on evangelism trips to places like Estonia and Australia. I dreamed of the day when I would one day be in a position to go, too. I had no idea then that 20 or so years later I would go, not as a layperson but as a student at Candler following a call to ministry of my own. I was actually reading “Faith Sharing” when my call became clarified. One of my favorite memories is my first WMEI dinner meeting where you took me around the room and introduced me as your friend who was going into the ministry. I met Bishops, World Methodist leaders and seminary deans. Other favorite memories are of the Appalachia Service Project mission trips we served on together. You and Barbara are dear to my heart and to Joe’s heart. I truly believe I am what I am today because of the seeds that you planted in me.

    God bless you and your family.


    Rev. L. Paige Pritchard
    Hapeville First UMC

  21. Frances M. Alguire says:

    To the Rev. Dr. George Morris,

    How quickly the years have passed. I remember being with you and others at the World Methodist Conference in Hawaii, 1981, when Council members voted to establish the World Methodist Council Evangelism Institute.

    Thank you for your exemplary leadership through the years. You have inspired many to grow spiritually through your faith filled lectures, sermons, committee participation and example. Thank you also, for your support and leadership in launching the World Methodist Council Endowment Fund.

    Don and I regret that we cannot be with you on April 10. We thank God for you and your family and for the privilege of serving with you as a dear brother in Christ.

    Grace, peace and blessings to you, as you celebrate another milestone in the faith journey.

    Dr. Frances M. Alguire
    Past President WMC (1996-2001)

  22. Ed Glaize says:

    Dear Dr. Morris,
    How could I ever forget the wonderful trip to Tonga where we saw the work of World Methodist Evangelism in action. I recently saw the movie “Whale Rider” and was reminded of our experiences in Polynesia.

    One of the things I remember most wasn’t the beauty of the scenery, the adventure in riding a small boat through dangerous waters, or the slapping of a huge pig that we presented to the king of Tonga, no the thing that impacted me the most was you, George, sharing your testimony to a stranger on the airplane during one of the long treks we made flying across the Pacific. You and he conversed and I remember you gave him your card so that if he wanted to talk further he could. Sharing your faith comes as naturally as breathing. It is something that you not only taught, but you lived. Thank you for teaching us that living lesson.

    I also want to thank you for coming to my church in small town Alabama and doing a wonderful job of proclaiming the Gospel. We had wonderful three days together.
    May God continue to bless you and your work.

    Grace and Peace,
    Ed Glaize

  23. Dr. Morris,
    You have truly been a classic leader in the field of Evangelism over the years. The World Methodist Evangelism Institute, the United Methodist Church and its sister bodies will always be indebted to you.

    Please give my regards to David and his family at Powers Ferry. It was indeed a joy and privilege to be the Minister at Powers Ferry when he and his lovely wife came back into the fold.

    I’m sure God still has work for you to do in your continued retirement!

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Terry Phillips

  24. Mark L. Sewell says:

    It has been my privilege and honor to know Dr. Morris since he served on The General Board of Evangelism under Dr. Harry Denman. My father, Dr. LeRoy Sewell, was a member of the Board of Evangelism for many years and therefore I had opportunities to hear Dr. Morris on many occasions.

    When I was choosing a Seminary to attend Dr. Morris was one who strongly encouraged this “Okie” to make the journey to Candler School of Theology. The three years I was at Candler were some of the fondest memories I have and cherish.

    It was my privilege to be one of the host of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute International Seminar in 1987 at Emory. In 1988 I was privileged to go to Appalachia to the area where Dr. Morris was raised. I well never forget the day he and I and a few other students drove the area where he had lived as a child. Dr. Morris showed us the Methodist Church where he found Christ. It was a fond memory for him and one I shall always cherish and treasure.

    In 1989 Dr. Morris arranged for me to attend a Seminar in Monterrey, Mexico where I was privileged to meet again people of faith from Mexico and share the gospel.

    My fondest memories are of the days spent sitting in Dr. Morris in Evangelism Classes, spending time in his office gleaming wisdom from his years of Evangelism and sharing stories about Dr. Harry Denman.

    I count it as a privilege to have Dr. Morris as one of the many persons who helped shape and mold my thinking, theology and most of my approaches to Evangelism.

    Thanks be to God for Dr. Morris and his years of service to the church and most of all to The World Methodist Evangelism Institute.

    Congratulations on this honor so richly deserved!

    Mark L Sewell
    Granite, Oklahoma
    Candler Grad 1993

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