February 18, 2018


When asked to identify an aspect of the seminar that was significant for them, the delegates’ responses included:

WMEI Brazil Evangelism Seminar, August 2010
  • “It was a pleasure to host the Seminar on Evangelization here in São Paulo. It was an important time for us. The seminar opened new possibilities and brought revitalization for the mission. On October 5 we will have a lunch meeting with all of the participants from our Region.  This meeting will be a chance to plan real missionary actions to carry out the challenges from the Evangelization Seminar.” –Resident Bishop/Full-time Participant
  • “My experience was catalytic, transformational, power of God there in their music, their thirst for God, loving, caring, kind, warm, hospitable, authentic, sincere, it is the same God–what is happening in this country–felt like truly family.” –Candler Seminary Student
  • “The seminar redefined and affirmed my calling. I now know that I am called to preach the gospel and to work toward multiplying witnesses for Jesus Christ. What an awesome trip!!” –Candler Seminary Student
WMEI India Evangelism Seminar, January 2010
  • This seminar was a turning point in my theological education
  • The rich fellowship with people of so many different cultures
  • Morning worship services in Delhi both in Hindi and English languages
  • Discussions with the local Indian delegates
  • Experiences in the Wesley Groups, including stories of healing by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Bishop Parmar and the indigenization of the Gospel in India
  • The stories of 1st generation Christians
  • The stories of persons being rejected by their families after becoming Christians
  • Everyone seeing themselves as having a ministry
  • The experience of the Lord’s prayer being prayed simultaneously in several languages
  • The Apostles Creed being said simultaneously in other languages
  • The trip to the Taj Mahal, including the different types of scenery on the way there and back
  • Being invited to return to serve in India
  • Reflections on my own ministry in the light of  the influence of Western culture on Christianity in India
  • Learning about the indigenous theology
  • Meeting key national church leaders who shared much about the church’s work
  • Korean missionaries learning Indian languages and sponsoring Indian delegates
Africa South Regional Seminar, Johannesburg South Africa August 2009
  • I felt that the Spirit of God was moving me towards his presence.  Africa South Bishop
  • Within 10 days, we formed an amazing, supportive, loving community.  I need much less than I think I need.   I understand this much better after the seminar. 2nd Yr. MDiv Student, Candler School of Theology.
  • I had courage to leave my comfort zone and tread on strange territory for the sake of Christ.  The Holy Spirit has disturbed me and I have a lot of questions to answer within. Lay Person from South Africa
  • Christ resides within us and should be shared from the inside out; an inside out theology for faith sharing is what God revealed to me at this seminar.  2nd Yr. MDiv Student, Candler School of Theology
  • I came to the seminar with a 10 year old burden and it was lifted up through the prayers of the Saints.  I am healed and free to continue preaching the Good News.  Pastor from South Africa
  • I have been sharpened by great men and God on how to teach various strategies.  I have recommitted myself to proclaim the Good News in a wholistic missional ministry.  Pastor from Malawi
  • You may never know how much I was blessed.  You can count on me to further the values of the “Institute.”  Professor from Zimbabwe
  • God is really serious about calling everyone to share faith in Jesus and that he is able to unite us as his children.  It was an inspiration to me to touch the world.  Member of Seminar Planning Committee from South Africa
8th International Evangelism Seminar June 2008 – Atlanta, Georgia
  • The conference was a life changing experience for me. I was refreshed, encouraged and uplifted by the many stories of God’s work in the world and by the strong faith of so many people, particularly those who are suffering because of their Christian faith.  Australian Delegate.
  • Certainly my life can’t be the same.  I do have a new perspective of what that means to John Wesley: “the world will be my parish” And, I do have a strong decision to work in my own Conference to let people know about this prophetic voice that emerged from WMEI. South American delegate.
  • The main outcome of the seminar was the inspiration it provided.  The speakers were all motivational.  The seminar was characterized by the positive faith by both the presenters and the participants.  A Lay Delegate.
  • I pledge to help leaders change their thinking from being managers of churches to being missionaries to communities and to foster church planting in various forms and fresh ways of doing church.   A Workshop Teacher at the Seminar
  • I am glad that the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, WMEI, is a movement seeking to support its participating churches to promote faith-sharing.  A Senior Pastor.
  • I have been motivated to be more involved in a pastors and lay preachers fellowship.   South East Asia delegate.
  • I received a change of heart, a blessing from God, a deeper challenge, a richer vision, and a call to wait on God and enter more intentionally into a new phase of ministry.  Australian Delegate.