February 18, 2018


Seminar FAQs

What occurs at a WMEI seminar?

The mission of WMEI is to train, connect, and provide cross-cultural experiences for world Methodist/Wesleyan leaders. One of the primary ways we seek to accomplish this goal at our seminars is through plenary sessions facilitated by some of the premiere teachers and leaders in world evangelism. Seminar participants also learn a great deal from their colleagues,who come from all over the world to attend seminars. Finally, participants have the opportunity to lean about the religion and culture of other world communities through local immersion.

Who participates at a seminar?

Participants range from clergy to lay leaders, to seminarians across the Methodist/Wesleyan tradition.

Can seminary students earn academic credit for attending a seminar?

Yes, many seminarians attend seminars for academic credit. Students interested in attending seminars for credit must make the necessary arrangements with their academic program.

What is the cost of attending a seminar and is there any financial aid?

The cost of attending one of our seminars varies by region, distance, time of year, as well as many other factors.  For the most accurate seminar prices please check the  information of the specific seminar under in question under the “seminars” tab or contact us.

Additionally, the cost of seminar attendance can be offset and, in some cases, covered by a limited number of scholarships offered by the institute.

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