February 18, 2018

Support WMEI

2016-2018WMEIMinistryOpportuntiesBrochureThe support for the World Methodist Evangelism Institute which, obtains its 501(c)(3) status through its relationship with Emory University, comes largely through the generosity of friends, churches, and organizations. The link through the World Methodist Council to  many Methodist/Wesleyan denominations provides the Institute with the wonderful opportunity to serve the world community.  Hence, the Institute is not a program of one specific Methodist/Wesleyan denomination and is not supported by direct apportions from individual Methodist/Wesleyan denominations.

Considering supporting WMEI in one or more of the following ways:

View the 2016-2018 WMEI Ministry Opportunities brochure for areas of immediate need for prayers, service and gifts.  Feel free to download, complete and send to WMEI.