February 18, 2018

Gifts, Donations and Contributions

The support for the World Methodist Evangelism Institute (a 501(c)(3) charity) comes largely through the generosity of friends, churches, and organizations.  The link through the World Methodist Council to  many Methodist/Wesleyan denominations, provides the Institute with the wonderful opportunity to serve the world community.  Hence, the Institute is not a program of one specific Methodist/Wesleyan denomination and is not supported by direct apportionments from individual Methodist/Wesleyan denominations.

Ways to Send Gift

Online Giving

- Through Emory’s Alumni Connections secure server.  (EFT withdrawal or Credit Card.) Instructions:

  • Click  “Online Giving“. A new window will open with the Emory Online Giving website.
  • In the Select Gift Direction(s), Designations choose “Other” selection
  • In the Specific Designations: box type “WMEI” and any other information (such as particular seminar support)
    • example:  ” WMEI S3 Fund”; “WMEI – Evangelism Seminar”; “WMEI – Sponsor a Delegate”; or simply “WMEI”
  • Complete the rest of the online form
  • Click on the Next button at the bottom of the screen
  • Follow the instructions on the remaining  forms to complete your contribution.

 Mailing a check or money order

  • Please print and complete this WMEI Pledge Form (Adobe Reader required, opens in new window)
  • Mail it in with your or money order to this address:

World Methodist Evangelism Institute

Candler School of Theology – Emory University

1531 Dickey Drive

Atlanta, GA 30322 U.S.A.

Ways to Pledge Support

You, your family, church, and friends can invest in our ministry by the following:

  • Giving a one-time gift
  • Joining the $100 club
  • Pledging endowment gifts
  • Becoming a  “Friend-of-the-Institute” in Georgia or begin a “Friends of the Institute” group in your area
  • Becoming a major sponsor
  • Sponsoring delegates
  • Becoming a participant of the Order of St. Andrew
  • Pledging or offering your volunteer participation
  • Dedication of a Sunday offering.

This ministry is under-girded by the prayers of churches, individuals, seminar graduates, friends and supporters worldwide.  Pray for us.

One-Time Giving

Here is a wonderful opportunity for individuals, churches, organizations, study groups, and families to make a one-time gift to a ministry that through its domino effect is reaching millions for Christ.

  • Using Emory’s secure online form for credit or debit transactions
  • Send a check
  • Give a tax deductible donation
  • Give stocks or bonds or mutual funds
  • Share a recent fortune from a will
  • Designate your funding if you wish
  • Bequeath money or property
  • Give sacrificially out of love for Jesus
  • Give in memorial or in honor of a relative or friend
  • Sponsor deserving international delegates
  • Sponsor deserving seminary students

 $100.00 CLUB

Members of the $100 Club of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute are persons who are deeply concerned about evangelism in the world  and who are committed to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our 21st century.

To become a member of the $100 Club, local pastors, clergy, laity, friends, young people, groups, alumni, all are invited to:

  • Pray for the ministry and people of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute
  • Encourage others to either participate in Institute Seminars and/or to pray for the ministry of the Institute
  • Commit to giving $100.00 a year or $8.33 a month to support the work of the Institute.

Endowment Funding

Interested persons, churches, families and funding organizations can support the long term existence of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute by providing endowment funding as gifts to the Institute.

These funds, which will guarantee the posterity of the Institute, can be given as:

  • Undesignated funds
  • Designated towards the continual administration of the Institute, including or excluding salary support
  • Designated towards funding Institute seminars
  • One-time or annual or periodic gifts

The annual endowment interests from such funds are faithfully used according to their designated or undesignated commitment.

Friends of the Institute

Expectations and Duties of the Friends-of-the Institute:

  • Pray regularly for the ministries of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute.
  • Commit to supporting the Institute financially through freewill giving annually and/or foster the commitment of your church to give financially to the Institute annually.
  • Promote the work, ministry and resources of the Institute.
  • Attend two Friends of the Institute dinner meetings in your area each year (fall and spring meetings).
  • Recruit others to support the ministries of the Institute.

Volunteer Participation

Volunteer participation in the World Methodist Evangelism Institute is a very important role in enabling the Institute to further multiply the witnesses for Jesus Christ around the world. The Institute is always in need of volunteer participants. You, too, can help in one or more ways below:

  1. Become an advocate for the Institute in your area.
    • Encourage persons to pray often for our work.
    • Encourage persons to attend our seminars.
    • Encourage evangelism training.
    • Recommend our world evangelism resources to others.
  2. Organize faith training events.
  3. Recommend Institute staff to speak at evangelism and missions events.
  4. Attend a seminar near you or for your area through nomination
  5. Become a volunteer fundraiser in your area for the Institute and for World Methodist Evangelism.
  6. Promote the use of the Faith-Sharing materials produced through the World Methodist Council.
  7. Serve in our office helping us prepare for seminars.
  8. Help us produce a regular monthly newsletter
  9. Join the “Friends Of The Institute” support group  in your area.
  10. Pray often for our work.


501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
“The [tax] exempt purposes set forth in IRC Section 501(c)(3) are charitable, religious, educational…”
See the below link for specific tax information about donations made to the World Methodist Evangelism Institute.