February 18, 2018

The Order of St. Andrew

OrderStAndrewWMEIParticipants of The Order Of Saint Andrew of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute are:

  • Busy Individuals
  • Positioned for Service
  • Willing to Risk
  • Ready to Act
  • Personal Interest in Jesus
  • Pointing Others to Jesus
  • Willing Instruments for Jesus
  • Counted with Those Who Minister for Jesus
  • Persons/churches with A Vision
  • Individuals/couples/churches who are “intentionally and strategically positioned to serve the ministry of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute as it seeks to present the Good News to the whole world including two-thirds of our world’s population (some four billion persons) who have not already heard and/or accepted God’s offer of full grace.”

To become a participant of the Order of Saint Andrew, you are invited to:

  • Keep the Institute Purpose Statement handy and pray for its fulfillment daily.
  • Participate in the World Methodist Council Covenant of Prayer and Fasting on Fridays while praying for world evangelization.
  • Become “Ambassador(s)” to your local church and elsewhere as opportunities arise.
  • Receive registration fee discount to attend your first Institute (WMEI) Seminar.
  • Support financially the mission of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute by:
  • Committing to a monthly gift of $84.00 or more for the next 36 months, or
  • An annual gift of $1000.00 or more for the next three years, or
  • A one-time gift of $3000.00 or more to the ministry of the Institute.

Interested? Need more information? Willing to make a commitment?
Please contact us (by clicking on “contact us”) and a member of staff will be glad to get in touch with you.

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