February 18, 2018


Outdoor Prayer and Worship – Cuba

From its eighteenth century origins to today,  the Wesleyan tradition has been characterized by and united through a vibrant and transformative prayer life. Likewise, the World Methodist Evangelism Institute is continually seeking God’s will through prayer. We ask that you will pray for and with us.

We ask that you specifically pray for the following areas of our ministry:

  • Our upcoming evangelism seminars and training events
  • The upcoming meetings of WMEI.
  • Continued financial support through donations and contributions which ensure the preservation of WMEI’s ministries
  • Our Executive Director Rev. Kim Reisman, former Executive Director Rev. Dr. H. Eddie Fox and our Director Rev. Dr. Winston Worrell.
  • Our 17 Regional Secretaries around the world
  • All of our staff and their families

Additionally, we ask that you remain prayerful about the crises facing our brothers and sisters around the world. In particular we ask that you remain prayerful about the following concerns:

  • The people recovering from devastating storms and resulting crises.
  • The civil unrest.
  • The victims of wars, genocide, and all violence.
  • Those affected by poverty, pestilence and famine, and particularly its occurrence in developing countries.
  • That all of our brothers and sisters around the world may hear the Good News of the Gospel preached and come to know the transforming Christ.